Friday, January 8, 2010

This Week I've Been...

...Chained to my desk upgrading the Bowerbird site (Hope you like the new look) and photographing new stock (still trying to get descriptions up etc but check out some for the new vintage dresses and things we have amassed on a our recent treasure hunts around the country...)

Anyhoo, while all this hard work was going on I also managed to download a bunch of fantastic songs from iTunes. (Thank you Apple Store for providing me with such a fun diversion - You have made purchasing that absurdly expensive iPhone worth it) .

Top of the play list at the moment is Kate Miller-Heidkes Caught In The Crowd and Mumford & Sons Little Lion Man as well as the entire Juno Movie Sountrack and a bunch of rock'n golden oldies including Dillion, Dire Straits, Leonard Cohen and Jeff Buckley.

Music makes everything easier ;->