Friday, August 9, 2013

Everyone's a winner

We think everyone who falls for vintage is a winner in the great fashion statement of life. However, as you would know, we’ve just held a competition offering everyone the opportunity to win a truly beautiful vintage black crystal necklace. This necklace has already played a staring role in the TV series ‘ A Place to Call Home’ and now it will play its best part yet – around the gorgeous neck of our lucky winner, Maria Moriarty.

Maria got us where it counts when she said her favourite vintage pieces that she can’t live without were her ‘black sleeveless satin swing dress which holds a classic 1950s design. Along with a fresh water pearl necklace.’ Maria shared that if she won ‘can’t wait to dress up to take me back to a time I should have been born in.’ Don’t we all Maria!

It really wasn’t easy to choose. Audrey reminded us of the power of memento when she told us of her Grouse claw brooch, from the father she never knew. He died in WW2 when she was only 8 months old. She said the brooch is well worn and no wonder.
Leanne was lucky enough to be given her grandmother’s pearl necklace to wear on her wedding day – that’s borrowed and old covered right there – and Sarah has a vintage Spanish bracelet and ring from her great, great grandmother.

Aime loves her vintage red Mary Jane shoes because they make her feel like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz and Kirsten loves hers ‘even though they cause me pain, they’re too beautiful to resist’. Now, that’s commitment.

Jess has all her grandmothers Glo-Mesh bags (score) and Wendy adores her 1950’s vintage pink coat. There were just so many wonderful stories behind the entries to this competition. Our imaginations ran wild.

And of course that’s one of the special things about vintage – the stories behind every special piece. You’ll find enough stories to fill a book in our store right now, so make sure you drop in to check out the new arrivals.

And a big thanks to the many people who entered our competition. There will be more, I promise. Congratulations to Maria Moriarty. We hope you enjoy wearing your exquisite necklace for many years to come.

Thanks for sharing the love.  The love of vintage.