Wednesday, December 18, 2013

What a great way to end the year- a Bowerbird Vintage Photoshoot.

We had a wonderful week setting up and photographing our new vintage collection. Our brilliant photographer Ali Peck from Webbird Digital managed to capture the exact looks I had in my minds eye and there’s nothing more exciting than watching your creative vision come to life.

I love taking my existing pieces into a new realm with a careful selection of accessories and always have my current stock in mind when I’m sourcing these wonderful treasures. Naturally I also have one eye open for new vintage outfits that will fit in beautifully with our Bowerbird collection.
When searching for the right clothes and accessories I believe it’s important to have a practical use in mind. When you buy your vintage it’s because you want to wear it and get the most out of it. It is glorious to see precious, single vintage pieces but they are mainly for collectors to curate. We are all about making vintage a part of every day life.

Our shoot gave me a real insight into how every one can enjoy some vintage glamour and I’m even more convinced Bowerbird’s collection should have something for everyone. Buying and wearing vintage doesn’t have to be complicated and our desire is to make it a practical as well as magical experience for everyone.

If you would like to check out our shoot – both the results and behind the scenes – please visit our website and our instagram site. I know you’ll quickly understand why I’m so excited. Here are a few snippets below.

I’d like to acknowledge Peneleope Quinn  our wonderful model – I can’t thank you enough for your dedication and energy. Joanna from Webbird Digital, our resident stylist and who also makes my website look so great.  Thank you Phionna Tomaszewski for the hair and make up and Renee Opperman from  100’s and 1000’s Marketing for your marketing advice and assistance and managing my account with dedication and detail.

And I’ll save the biggest thank you for my fabulous clients – for you! I would like to wish you all a wonderful festive season partying on in your gorgeous Bowerbird Vintage and I can’t wait to see you again in 2014 when a whole new world of opportunities will be waiting for all of us.



And that my friends is a wrap!