Friday, February 29, 2008

Fashions Vintage Renaissance

images from .com

Well, it's not really a renaissance as such, because vintage has been high on the fashion radar for years really. I should probably use the heading "Our Enduring Homage to Vintage Fashion" or something similar...

The point is, high fashion's love affair with vintage is clearly not not over yet. Every season we see new takes on twentieth century tailoring. This season is no exception.

The spring shows in NY and London have seen designers remix everything from 1920's post war flapper contours to 40's chic tailoring and the feminine silhouettes of the 1950's. And let's not forget the bold patterns and simple styles of the 60's that have kept popping up as well as the decorative bohemian luxe of the 70's. In fact, the last couple of seasons have even given the brassy 1980's a make over.

No longer hankering after one particular decade, the new take on fashion is an ode to history - be it beautiful tailoring and feminine, figure flattering silhouettes or trash bag 80's fluro - it's all remixed with new millennium street style and a devil-may-care attitude.


Wednesday, February 27, 2008

What's with the weather?

If you live in Sydney right now you will understand what I'm talking about. Last night I met some girlfriends in the city for dinner. I had a meeting to go to first so I frocked up in a little sun dress becasue it was 29 degrees and gorgeous outside when I headed off at 4pm.

By the time we ordered our dinner and found a table in the beer garden at the Slipp Inn (around 7pm) it was looking a little 7.15 we had quickly re-assessed the outside seating arrangements and were huddled in the down stairs bar watching the mayhem outside as the craziest lightning storm and torrential rain reeked havoc over the city.

It was still raining at 10ish when we left...and it was freezing! Summer, it seems is all but over. According to the weather guy on the ABC, we are in for a short Autumn and a looooong winter - great!

Still, I'm all for wearing my summer dresses throughout winter. Teamed with tight's, cardi's, a woolen beret, long scarf and a woolen coat - that's winter sorted for me!

Breakfast at Sweethearts Cardi from Bowerbird Vintage
The Dancing Mistress Dress from
Bowerbird Vintage
Miss Alice Heels form PeepToe Shoes
Womens Blended Rib Tights from Witchery
Grey Lurex Beanie from Witchery


Monday, February 25, 2008

Oh No! Oscar Boredom

Although I find the actual academy awards rather long winded and a trifle boring...I love love love the RED CARPET fashions. As usual, I have not been able to wait for the award show on tele tonight and have been surfing for my fashion fix on the net this afternoon.

Bad news I'm afraid...It's all looks rather dull! SAFE and black. Even OUR Cate and OUR Nic look a little black & dreary...they are both pregant though so I'm letting them off with a warning this time.

However, there are a few killer red frocks worn by Katherine Heigl, Helen Mirren, Miley Cyrus, Ruby Dee, Anne Hathaway and Heidi Klum to cheer me up thank God. Anne is the stand out in her beautiful Grecian gown although it seems to have flowers sprouting out of the front of it and her makeup is a little garish. Katherine Heigl's dress is also rather spectacular.

Renee Zellweger's silver frock is the winner for me so far - even if this photo does make her look like a little toothpick, she looks so elegant!
The beading on the dress is devine!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Hand made with LOVE!

New cards are about to be added to our gift department at BBV.

Handmade by Peggy Jean. Lots of very cute retro images (made from fabric). The cards are blank inside for any occasion.

The iCiNG!

The very lovely, wonderfully chic, Gala Darling looking ever so svelte in bowerbird garb. This sleek black and gold 80's power frock looks like it was made especially for her.

...the perfect bowerbird muse!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Looking for Inspiration?

Wondering how to introduce vintage into your wardrobe? Log onto Wardrobe Remix on Flickr. People from all over posting their daily outfits. Great street style

Books to Covet

I've mentioned before that I'm a book fiend. I love a great novel, the odd self help book (yes, I read The Secret...and I have the CD), any kind of cook book and most autobiographies/biographies (unless they involve cricket or rappers). My most coveted collection of books however, are those that reside on (or around) the coffee table. I LOVE big picture books with lovely glossy hard covers! I particularly adore them if they reference certain era's and contain brilliant information and/or insights.

Large coffee table books on fashion make me positively swoon! I spent part of yesterday afternoon in Pentimento on King Street in Newtown lusting over their amazing collection.

Here are the top 5 on my wish list (Are you reading this my lovely Fiancé?)
1. The Party Dress by Alexandra Black follows the history and evolution of this most fun dress in all its guises - from redcarpet glamour to the humble tea party. This hardcover book is to die for. And, I've found it on sale over at Amazon for the bargain price of $37.80US (it was $140 at Pentimento)

2. In Vogue - The Illustrated History of the World's Most Famous Fashion Magazine - The bible on fashion - a hard cover extravaganza! Stunning photography and beautiful clothes. What else is there?

and while your at it...

3. People in Vogue by Robin Derrick (with the waifish Kate Moss on the cover)
An amazing photographic history of 20th century icons with an interesting story behind almost every shot. There are around 350 b&w and color photographs, some previously published and many that never made it into the magazine's pages. A century's worth of artists, actors, politicians, models, royalty and singers

4. Let Me In by Mario Testino - Photographer to the stars. Don't be put off by Ashton & demi on the cover. This book is Gold! Testino is a genuis and many of the shots are incredibly private and totally captivating

5 Paris, 1962: Yves Saint Laurent and Dior, The Early Collections.

Vintage Couture! the true masters of French haute couture in stunning photographs with famous fashion icons and a history of the glamour and opulence of the Paris runway shows.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Vintage Baby Bloomers and Whatnot!

I have added a bunch of new handmade vintage inspired childrens products to the site over the last couple of days. The cutest baby bloomers, boys seersucker cotton pants, baby blocks and cosmetic purses...I took some of the photos of the new goodies in the reserve just up the road from my house - I was looking for a rustic setting!

It's a little oasis that I rarely visit and each time I go there I wonder why I don't come more often. Surrounded by a school and a pretty busy little industrial park it's the last place you think you might stumble across a dreamy little forest...

Enjoy Valentines Day!

mini roses for my beau

...even if your a cynic you can't deny the joy it brings. I saw a young boy riding his bike down the street this morning struggling to see over a huge bunch of roses - I will be smiling for the rest of the day!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

NY Fashion week all over now (weve moved onto London FW) but oh, what a fab Aussie line up...Sass & Bide, Kit Willow, Josh Goot, Camilla & Marc and one of my absolute fave's Jason Brunson who does devine evening wear. That black floor length creation is devine and I'm really in love with the print dresses pictured to . The following blogs have some great feedback on the whole of NY fashion week:

Monday, February 11, 2008

Indie Cool Online

Online Mag N.E.E.T showcases independent designers, serioulsy stylish people and lots of up and coming artists, fashion types, photographers as well as online shops from around the world. It's about bringing all that creativity buzzing around the net together in a magazine-format digital publication - And the best thing? Everything showcased in the mag is available online.

Friday, February 8, 2008

Rescued by Bowerbird Dresses

We are in the process of releasing a little range of dresses by bowerbird under the Rescued by Bowerbird label. They are made from gorgeous vintage fabrics that I've been collecting over the years or vintage inspired fabric that I have fallen in love with in my travels. Made from authenic vintage patterns - particualrly 1950's sundresses of which I am especially fond of!

The silver dress above is probably my fave...made from a striking vintage lame fabric designed specifically for evening wear - the cutsey sundress pattern really gives it a modern/quirky twist! I think it's the ultimate cocktail frock.

You can see the difference fabric choices make. We made exactly the same dress in a beautiful bold red and navy print that just has "summers day" written all over it.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

This weeks prize...

Yes, another week goes by and another lovely creative type doing special things with fabric, felt, wood and buttons is uncovered. I found The Little Orchid who has an Etsy store on the Frankie Magazine Forum - which, by the way, is a great source of information and inspiration.

A special mention goes to Orchids very cute Japanese fabric Mushroom Bags - Lovely!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Miamore and The Raisin Did It

how cute are these???
The latest childrens wear labels to be added to Bowerbirdvintage - well very shortly anyway!
Miamore and The Raisin Did it - hand made pants & bloomers for kiddies in vintage
inspired styles and fabrics - Gorgeous!

Monday, February 4, 2008

The Sartorialist shoots Aussies too!

If you were wondering what happened to Michelle Jank - fabulously quirky designer/jewellery maker/stylist and all round talented Perth chick then check out The Sartorialist.

....she has been living in Paris for a while now I think working as a stylist and making jewellery - looks like it agrees with her!

On the 7th day...

I have stumbled across yet another great little website that caters to all you shopaholics out there - On the 7th Day She Shopped is a website dedicated to finding the best online boutiques in Australia. Set up like a department store, they have everything covered:Ground Floor - Womenswear , Level 1 - menswear, Level 2 Sleepwear and Apparel, Level 3 Childrenwear and Toys...and the list goes on. Great concept and plenty of information.