Wednesday, January 21, 2009

More on Fashion Icons...An ode to Ms Deyn

Oh Agyness, you gorgeous (if somewhat over exposed) thing! Those cheekbones are criminal. Those big, wide blue eye's are mesmerising and who wouldn't sell their granny for such dewy, porcelain skin? Lets not mention your amazing figure nor your fabulous platinum locks for I shall surely die of envy.

Seriously though, I can probably get by without your youth and beauty as I've wonderful memories of my own formative years that I can always rely on to make me smile...And ageing has made me realise that being wistful about ones looks is in fact very time consuming. The results? Only lost opportunities and a drawer full of half used expensive, ineffective face creams and cellulite lotions I'm afraid!

However, I positively would sell Grandma (she'd understand I'm sure) to buy even a little piece of your incredibly fabulous wardrobe.

You are the essence of quirky glamour. You wear even the most detestable 1980's fashion with flair and elegance (see top photo for prove of this) - and you rock a vintage party dress like nobody I know.

You are my undisputed queen of vintage fashion (sorry Dita - your kinda 2008 now) and I'm eagerly awaiting your sartorial adventures for 2009.

Please don't disappoint me.

All photos coureousy of NY Magazine

Monday, January 5, 2009

Fashion Icons - Grace Kelly Style

Happy New Year!

We have been stumbling around the country side visiting friends at various locations around the State and then hiking in the mountains for over the Christmas break. We arrived home yesterday to some serious heat though - our few days on the mountains meant some pretty cold temperatures and a permanent beanie so it feels strange to now be assaulted by 40 degree heat...

It's nice to be back online after a week and a half of holidaying (I chose not to take my laptop on holiday for the first time in years!)

I've spent half the day catching up on favourite blogs as well as street style sites such as The Sartorialist and Turned Out - an old fave and my current obsession respectively. Which brings me to Charlotte Casiraghi...

Grace Kelly's granddaughter recently featured in Turned Outs blog and WOW - she certainly has grown up into a beautiful woman. I can see both her grandmother and her her mother Princess Caroline in her gorgeous face but it's her style that really makes her truly fabulous. She definitely has inherited that timeless glamour that Grace exuded in her heyday. Although her look changes regularly from young and funky to vintage fashion, relaxed boho and amazing couture gowns she seems to manage them all with grace and sophistication.

It's also great to see that she tries very hard to fly under the celebrity radar. Part of her undeniable glamour lies in her unwillingness to exploit her family name and spend her inheritance on partying (unlike her auntie Stephanie who spent the 1980's getting up to all kinds of mischief) and flitting around the world on private jets to attend the opening of an envelope.

I've always thought real glamour and style involved a good helping of restraint and modesty - Grace would be proud!