Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A Vintage Muse

I often stumble across wonderful blogs inspired by vintage creativity that I feel compelled to write about on my own blog - the love needs to be shared around after all!

Today, I stumbled once again onto something wonderful...and not via my (work avoiding) cyber trawling and keyword googling methods that I usually get up to either.

Today, one of my very dear customers quietly mentioned that she would be putting up pictures on her blog of the 50's fair at Rose Siedler house that was on over the weekend (and which I forgot to tell you to diarise - I'm losing my touch!).

Having sold several of my favourite (Bowerbird) vintage dresses and vintage bags to her in the past I was more than a little curious to check out the site and to put a face to the name I knew so well. That's the downside to having an online store I'm afraid - no personal contact means I never get to see how the vintage dresses I sell are transformed by the women buying and wearing them. And sadly that's really the most fun.

I do get happy customers occasionally sending through pictures of themselves in their bowerbird vintage finery which is wonderful and a real thrill but I definitely miss the personal interaction and service that comes with owning a shop.

So, it turns out that my lovely customer, who is a Sydney journalist, writes a beautiful blog with tonnes of stunning photo's and bountiful information about all things vintage, thrifted, arty/crafty and creative. I Highly recommend that you drop by right here: A Wild Tea Party

Oh, and yes, she rocks a vintage dress!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Samsung Tap & Take Fun!

I don't usually blog about technology but this is hard to ignore...not only because it looks pretty fab but also because there is stuff to win!

Samsung is launching a brand new camera ST500/ST550 with some very cool new gadgetry including a Tap & Take feature and two LCD screens.

For someone who loves taking a snap or two, this compact little camera might be on my Christmas list this year . The double LCD screens (on the front and back) lets you take a photo of yourself and your friends while watching the image. No self timers needed anymore and no more decapitations or blurry images ever again. Great for street fashion blogging too!

The Tap and Take technology means that you no longer have to use those pesky little buttons on top anymore. Simply tap the screen and it focuses and takes the picture for you. There are heaps of other techno features as well...take a look at the very cool Tap and Take website for more details.

Oh, and here's the good bit! If you sign up to the Tap and Take Twitter and the Tap and Take Facebook page, starting from tomorrow August 20th, you have the chance to win one for yourself.

Simply watch for clues posted on various Australian Blogs, including little ol' Bowerbird Vintage, then solve the (easy peasy) clues and you will have a Samsung Tap and Take of your very own!

30 Days of Fashion Fun!

It was such a hit last year that ACP magazines are doing it again this September!
30 days of Fashion & Beauty will run throughout September and promises to be another fashion highlight for Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane!
The entire month is jam packed with competitions, exclusive offers, fashion and beauty workshops, talks by your favourite fashion magazine editors, runway shows and much more.
The event is also aiming to raise $30,000 in 30 days for Fashion Targets Breast Cancer (FTBC), a global breast cancer research charity. Just by donating to this worthwhile cause you could win yourself any number of fashion packs, including a Bobbi Brown make-up box, Pandora jewellery or stunning Akira Osawaga dress.
Check out the events calendar for a full listing of what's on each day of September.