Saturday, September 13, 2008

A Vintage Fashion Spectacle...If your in Melbourne!

My trusty Vogue magazine tells me there is a reason to visit Melbourne this summer (apart from all those glorious vintage fashion boutiques). Melbourne's National Gallery is home to a fabulous show all about how fashion works behind the seams and how "once hidden elements" of fashion designing have been "creeping into the open in recent years". The show features vintage frocks and designers from the 1950's right through the decades to our current masterminds.

Remaking Fashion runs from late September until April next year so you have plenty of time to take it in. I'm booking my flight online right now



fashion herald said...

jealous! i've always kind of liked the "unmasked" look in fashion.

lacouturier said...

i must pick up a copy of vogue! =)

Nicole Jenkins said...

Miss BB, please let me know when you'll be visiting our fair city because I'd love to treat you to afternoon tea!