Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Fashion in the City

This just in from one of my favourite daily alerts for all things fabulous, DAILY ADDICT:

The MLC Centre in the Sydney CBD is having a fashion moment with a photography exhibition featuring works by 21 top fashion photographers including Derek Henderson, Carlotta Moye and Simon Lekias. From Barely There to Wondrous Exhibition until Wed 8 Apr, MLC Centre, Sydney CBD. Free.

The exhibition embraces everything from Miranda Kerr floating on a duck to Eva Mendes bringing true glamour to Bondi. Although entry to the exhibition is free you can spend a pretty penny on buying up some of the fabulous limited-edition prints which are signed, beautifully mounted and framed (85 x 65cm), for price of $750.

The best bit? All the profits will go straight to the National Breast Cancer Foundation. That should have you racing into town for a sticky beak surely?


thefatandskinnyonfashion said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog!

Kristy said...

hey guys :D
i was wondering....
if you could possibly take a photo
of the highbrow dress
on a manniequin or model?
i would like to see how it fits on the chest

fashion herald said...

whoa, those are some $$ prints, but at least funds are going to a good cause!

bowerbird said...

Hi Kristy,

Sorry - Ive been away but will photograph it today for you