Saturday, April 25, 2009

A few little VINTAGE FASHION gems to add to your Blog Roll...

Being the vintage mad, Internet obsessed woman that I am, spending time trawling like minded blogs and web sites is part of my morning ritual.

Of course nothing is fabulous if it is not shared with others right?

So, perhaps you have time to check these little gems out...?

I've only just stumbled across this London based site.
This amazing vintage on line magazine is a must for any vintage fan. Choc full of information about vintage fashion, beauty, and interior style secrets...It's definitely worth adding to your favourites!

"Whether you want to find the hottest vintage action By Location or By Decade, if you have a vintage piece ready to be revamped in our exclusive Make and Mend section, or even if you want to steal the style from our 100 Vintage Queens, we’ve got more vintage style advice and gossip than you could wave a Mark Cross overnight bag at! So if you bask in Bakelite and frolic in frills, our dedicated team of vintage-obsessed writers and gurus are making it their mission to bring you all that’s fabulous in the vintage world"

I know I've mentioned WARDROBE REMIX before but this Flickr site really is a brilliant photographic ode to the art of thrifting and a how to guide for all those gals who want to know how to wear their vintage and look fabulously cool and right on trend!

I love trawling through the photo's ...great for a daily dose of inspiration!


A wonderful little blog by a vintage mad girl living in the vintage capital of Australia...Melbourne of course!

And speaking of Melbourne...

One of my favourite bloggers and go to girl for all things lady-like and vintage inspired...
LADY MELBOURNE is one of those wonderfully chic gals who just makes everything look good!

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The Seeker said...

Thank you for sharing all this with us. They might bring great inspirations.