Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Designers Still in Love with Vintage Fashion!

My weekly fashion fix Grazia magazine has done a round up of New York Fashion Week and declares "the death of modernity".

It seems vintage inspiration is the order of the day with a "return to gentle, classic and nostalgic" ladylike fashions using sentimental fabrics such as tulle and velvet. Fur is making a big splash too and leather is huge this season.

The era of vintage clothing most referenced by many designers were the 1920's with polished ladylike yet slightly masculine lines and the relaxed bohemian vibe of the 1970's.

The 80's are still big with pleat front pants and bigger shoulders (although not too Balmain proportions!). Slouchy layering is huge and animal print is everywhere.

Fabulous new for us vintage fashion junkies!



its so good to see other Aussie blogs very cute blog:)

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lauren carney said...

why hello!

i just want to put it out there... and let you know..
that i love your blog, and your posts are simply delightful!

have fun being inspired,
and thank you for being wonderful!
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