Saturday, July 6, 2013

Vintage De Luxe. You know you want it.

What says vintage more than fur and velvet and a big buying spree over the last few months which has filled Bowerbird with some amazing vintage fur stoles and luxurious velvet.

Fur De Luxe

Now we don’t condone cruelty to animals in anyway, and I always endeavour to have faux fur or alternative choices for my customers.
However we are passionate about the history of fashion and we know there are those of you who would love nothing better than to swathe yourself in an authentic vintage fur stole.  Why not pop in to our Bowerbird store or jump online for a preview.

Vintage fur stole

One of our favourites, black fur jacket

And while you’re here, what can I say but velvet, velvet, velvet. Super on trend, these pieces are just incredible. No wonder I, well let’s just say I overindulged my love for these luxurious velvet coats from the 20’s, 40’s, 50’s, 60’s and 70’s.  There are so many delicious colours, lengths and styles to choose from – some have collars, some have fastenings, others are worn loose and flowing- there will be one perfect for you. They will all be on line soon.

bold red velvet long vintage jacket, a must for Winter

1950's dress with velvet bodice and full skirt

Now, let’s talk super vintage pick of the day. It’s an original 1950’s dress with a velvet bodice and fabulous full skirt. To this I’ve added a Bowerbird 50’s inspired tulle petticoat for extra fullness and just to make this outfit absolute perfection – a black velvet bolero. Only $200 for everything is too much of a bargain to ignore.

So there are many great reasons to drop into our  online store or if you are in Sydney, pop in and see us at 71 Jubilee Ave, Carlton NSW.

Come in today and share the love. The love of vintage.

Next blog we are excited to share our Facebook competition. You could WIN a gorgeous necklace as worn by Noni Hazelhurst from Channel Seven's  'A Place to Call Home'.

Until next time.


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