Thursday, October 17, 2013

You can fit into any era.

It’s no secret that I believe vintage clothing works for everyone. Through the decades, every era has its own particular fashion statements and focus on emphasizing different parts of the body and making your favourite style work for you can depend on a few ‘extras’ such as the appropriate undergarments and accessories.

Annora Thoeng from NoraFinds is a Vintage Fashion specialist in Sydney. We are so excited to have Nora be our special guest this blog. She agrees that vintage clothing can - with a little help, work for everyone.

"Many of us believe that our body shape dictates what eras of vintage clothing we can wear. While it is good to choose an era that best flatter and flaunt your assets, I think it is more important to wear a piece that you like despite the era. The 50s, for example, is a great example of vintage clothing that flatters every shape. The New Look silhouette can be achieved by simply wearing the right undergarments. The small waist can easily be achieved by wearing cinchers or corsets, but some might find these pieces too restrictive. I myself prefer to buy a dress with a comfortable and generous waist measurement and then enhance the bust area with bullet bras. When you buy vintage you often think that the measurements are strangely generous around the bust but not the waist, so rather than passing on a special piece think about maybe altering it or rethink your undergarment."

I agree with Annora that your choice should be based on the piece you fall in love with. One thing with vintage is the quality the garments bring with them. The fabric, cut and the tailoring are just so special. The structure of a vintage garment can help flatter every body type.

Here at Bowerbird, we make sure you leave with something you love and loves you right back. We don’t compromise on quality and we can help you find something that fits your life and your style.

It’s all for the love. The love of vintage.


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