Monday, March 10, 2014

Vintage on TV

I was watching the new show, Love Child on Channel 9 and just reveling in the wonderful vintage wardrobe. Nothing sets the time and place of a television series like the costume. Think Downton Abbey (did anyone see Lady Edith’s ‘peacock’ gown – pure heaven) or the glorious Miss Fisher where the murder mysteries might be a bit much but the clothes are to die for.

Love Child is set in Sydney’s Kings Cross, mainly the Kings Cross Hospital in that delicious year of 1969 – just as the sixties are about to become the seventies. It captures what I imagine were the tumultuous times when women were starting to gain some real freedom and Kings Cross was as wild as it gets.

The wardrobe team has got it so right. I’m loving the swinging mini length coats in tangerine and blue, geometric printed mini dresses, the crocheted peaked caps, the pixie hair cuts and fabulous sixties jewellery. They’ve even got the make up exactly right, and you know what? It’s exactly now. 

Walk into Bowerbird Vintage any day of the week and you can be transported back to the sixties and seventies. We always have a wonderful selection of genuine vintage from this unique and quite amazing time. 

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They say if you remember the sixties you weren’t really there but if you want to show how much you love the sixties, you can always do it in vintage.

All for the love of the television dramas that show us how wonderful a vintage wardrobe can be. 


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