Monday, June 23, 2008

A touch of the blah's

Ok. I'm officially over winter. I've lasted a month (almost) and now I'm just plain cold and totally without inspiration in my wardrobe...not too mention a couple of kilo's heavier (eating keeps me warm!)

I've tired very quickly of my lovely vintage coats, I'm completely over my new Nine West boots. I don't care if I never wear another pair of colourful opaque tights again...and even my hat fetish (I've purchased 6 so far this season!) has faded to vague disinterest.

The worst of it of course is that most days I visit at least half a dozen fab bloggers based in New York who are currently enjoying all the delights of summer dressing. I also buy American Vogue, Elle, Nylon and assorted weekly mags that tantalise me and drive a dagger of jealousy through my frozen Aussie heart!

What can I say?...I love summer! I definitely always look forward to the start of a new season so I can pull out my favourite vintage pieces and pair them with various "new season" purchases.

But you can't beat summer! It's my favourite time of year and not just because we live in a beautiful city swarming with gorgeous beaches. It's because I love, love, love a dress - a floaty summer frock (often of the vintage variety) is my wardrobe staple...and although I still wear my fave vintage dresses with tights, cardi's, coats and various layering techniques...I'm never really completely warm.

Also, I love a summer shoe. Colour is my daily companion and strappy, brightly coloured heels or a cute stiletto or even a metalic sandal, embellished with jewels makes me swoon! boots...bah!

Here's what I'm dreaming about right now; These cute Steve Madden sandals which I found on the (always impeccable) Fashion Herald's blog a day or two back...How do I get me some of these??

I'm also lusting after blogger Wendy Brandes newly purchased Dolce & Gabbana Peep Toes booties. These I could even wear with tights if I had too....

Wendy's booties would look great with this flickr wardrobe remixer's fab vintage dress and beret combo.

...and if some kind soul out there wants to buy me any one of the Dior floaty floral numbers from the 2009 Resort range I will be forever grateful and beholden!


WendyB said...

You better come up with some more outfits for me -- I don't know what to wear them with!

fashion herald said...

i love that dior dress!! and i'm sorry you miss summer, but here: it's hot, humid sticky and not even sunny today - no, instead there's a fog that has nothing to do with actual fog. And i'm wishing it was crisp and cool, like fall.

A dreamer said...

well, we've got another 2 months to go!
Trust me, when its the middle of summer and your feeling like you're melting, you're gonna want it to be winter again.

The Seeker said...

Great stuff you're dreamming of ;)