Wednesday, June 18, 2008

What I Don't Need Right Now

Note to Self: Never, ever think that these pants will look good on you

I love a good "What You Need Right Now" spread in a fashion mag. All those latest trends on one page - cuts out all the crap right?

The problem of course is that fashion moves onto the next trend so quickly that by the time I've gotten around to purchasing my "so NOW" item it is sooooo YESTERDAY that I just look sad.

The most recent example of this is the long sleeve, flannel shirt dress in lumberjack black & white check that I bought from DJ's on a whim - which of course is now best accessorised with bed socks and an electric blanket.
This is why I generally stick to vintage clothing & accessories and mix them with a few contemporary classics. My staple is a beautiful frock either from 1950's or 60's with a fitted jacket. Then there's the full skirt or pencil skirt and cardie combo, or soft layered pieces that cover up a multitude of sins on a 'fat day'.
Nevertheless, I still manage to forget from time to time that just because it looked great on Gemma Ward in some Vogue Shoot back in March does not mean that I can pull off leather or latex tights worn with wooden platforms and a Rastafarian hat!


veri maz said...

here here, it reminds me a little of browsing through magazines (especially bridal)that provide more examples of the things that I don't want than things I do want.

fashion herald said...

well said, esp. as all i can think about is latex leggings lately! and i was hoping they'd be wiped clean of our fashion consciousness after one very brief season.
But i'm not convinced you can't wear that black and white checked dress! perhaps with a vintage cardigan?still seeing this checked stuff around in nyc.

A dreamer said...

i loved the whole flannel shirt look when it first hit stores but now I just go 'ugghh' when i see them.
I do believe in the latex leggings though. I do wear them quite often.

WendyB said...

Are you SURE you can't pull off latex leggings? I'm not convinced.

coco said...

I think is better to have your own style and add a few 'key' items each season.
More personal!