Thursday, July 17, 2008


Worth a peek this month is an article in Marie Claire magazine (August edition) titled From Cast off to Couture which has designers like the incredibly talented Tina Kavalis and Kirrily Johnston reworking vintage garments that they bought from St Vincent De Paul's and turning them into one off statement pieces. Even one of my fave Aussie couture designers Alex Perry has put his hand to the task coming up with a very cute embroidered sun dress.
There are seven designs all up from various talents and all are completely different styles. The best bit is you can log onto the Marie Claire web site and bid on your fave vintage frock as each garment is being sold off in a charity auction with the money raised going to Vinnies - So not only is the project creative and eco friendly but it's also benevolent - What a truly wonderful idea!

My two personal favourite are Tina Kavalis' vintage denim deconstruction (So cute!) and Johnathon Ward's reworked vintage wedding dress (So Frou Frou!)
All photo's taken from Marie Claire webpages


fashion herald said...

you're so right, and that denim dress is really amazing.

Kira Fashion said...


a kiss

A dreamer said...

thats awesome. just goes to show how good vintage can look.