Saturday, July 5, 2008

Oroton Turns 70 - A Vintage Celebration

A little more on my bag moment that I'm currently having...It seems my favourite Australian luxe handbag line is having a little birthday. Oroton is 70 years old this year and their new anniversary collection is an ode to all things vintage. The old favourites from their archives all get a mention including their signature mesh evening bag which became popular in the late 1960's and continued to sell extremely well throughout the entire 70"s.

Buy this vintage Oroton Bag from BowerbirdVintage HERE

In fact, I think every woman in Australia probably had an oroton mesh purse, handbag or cigarette holder in their dresser back then just waiting to be handed down to a daughter one day...I know my Mum certainly did, and I only managed to get hold of her gorgeous vintage red mesh evening bag a couple of years ago...Something I have been eyeing off my entire life!

Oroton has this to say about their mesh:
In 1954 Oroton created a powder compact with an inlaid mesh lid and Australia’s love affair with mesh began. Wherever we go, people share their special memories of Oroton with us. Is it true that in every bottom drawer an Oroton handbag nestles in tissue, carefully stored away in the original box? Oroton enamel mesh bags have been there at graduations, weddings, the airport as you waved goodbye, the anniversary dinner, the first date, the races, the office party, the smart lunch, your first trip abroad… woven into the very fabric of Australian life.
To continue to read about the history of Oroton CLICK HERE. It's worth a read!

Oh, and their also having a SALE on their website at the moment with over 50% on some things. Huge bargains on bags, jewellery, scarf's and ties.
Personally, I'm thinking about this metallic clutch, down from $295.00 to $195.00

But this little vintage inspired number from their anniversary line would also do just fine, even though it's not on sale...


The Seeker said...

Great bags ;)


fashion herald said...

how interesting, i love those brands that have such a sentimental pull and connection.
And those bags are cute!

bethie said...

oh so cool!
i inherited a gold-meshed Oroton purse from my great-grandmother!
i love love love it!

Telephone Gal said...

I agree I love the metallic clutch, and its a good price.