Tuesday, December 9, 2008

To Market To Market...

I missed one of my favourite (non vintage related) markets last weekend due to festivities relating to the upcoming nuptials of my best friend. As I am her Matron of Honor I felt duty bound to have drank alot of Champagne on Saturday and consequently not move very far from the couch on Sunday!

The Finders Keepers Independent Design and Art markets were held at the Carriage Works in Redfern over the weekend and I'm sad to have missed them - They would have been the perfect place to purchase Christmas presents for friends & family.

You may remember them as Hope Street markets but they've had a little make over recently due to their popularity and have gone a little more upmarket (but no less fabulous).

Finders Keepers champions up and coming and truly innovative designers, jewellery makers and artists from around Australia. Unfortunately (or fortunately for my wallet!) They are only on twice a year...However you should bookmark their website and become a member of their mailing list if you love beautiful, unique and often wonderfully quirky art and design. You can also check out the designers profiles and contact details HERE
if you can't bear to wait another 6 months.

On the upside, there are more markets this weekend in Leichardt. The Vanity Fair Markets are of the vintage fashion fair kind and are on once a month at Leichardt Town Hall in Sydney. I've not been before as they are quite new but I have been told they are fantastic. As I have no Hens nights to attend this weekend I will definitely drop in for a peek (and most likely a splurge!)

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Anonymous said...

I went to finders keepers! They were fantastic - lots of amazing finds!