Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Another Great Website Alert...

I love an online magazine. Partly because it's free...and also because I'm an Internet junkie. I get a kick out of finding really cool websites bursting with fresh idea's and talented people doing amazing things with graphics and layouts. So, an online mag is right up my alley. Especially if it's a fashion magazine that is promoting local designers, fashions and celebrities.

My Lookbook is a fantastic visual journal of designers and e-boutiques that showcases what's hot right now and what is currently in stores and online. Each fashion spread links directly to a website or e-boutique so you can purchase your favourite outfit immediately after drooling over it on the site (while at your desk pretending your working really hard). There's also plenty of celebrity inspiration, catwalk talk and insider interviews.

Visit http://www.mylookbook.com.au/ and Subscribe (I just did!)


The Seeker said...

Sounds interesting.

So, dear, are you enjoying your time???

Take care all the best


SassyMama said...

Hi bowerbird
sassy site!
we r sassy social networking community for sassy mamas (aussie bloggers there too)!
lov u to join us...


AusAnna said...

that sounds goo! check out, stylehunter.com kinda the same thing :)