Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Fun in the Sun

Yesterday morning I woke up feeling a bit blah. The heat, I think, is finally getting to me and January, my favouite month of the year has slipped away in a blur of activity leaving boring old February to mark my journey back into the realms of serious business enterprise and the long hours of post grad studies. Not that I'm really complaining - by the time Feb rolls around I am always ready for new challenges and antsy to get started on new projects.

January in Sydney is my favourite time of the year because there is so much going on. The Sydney festival is in full swing with lots of free concerts, art exhibitions and and movies under the stars. The weather is glorious (perhaps a a tad too warm at times this year?), there are always visitors to entertain and everyone I know seems to have a birthday in Jan. Throw in a wedding or two and bunch of amazing gigs such as Leonard Cohen last week at the Ent Centre (Be still my beating heart!) and Glen Hansard (accompanied by his brilliant band The Frames) and Marieke Irglova performing songs from their little Indy flick "Once" at the Opera House. Yes, January is a hard month to beat.

...And then February brings me back to earth. I'm feeling a bit guilty that I 've had too much fun and a little panicked about the need to get my behind into gear and make a start on the infinite number of bright idea's and new projects I want to get off the ground this year.

So, yesterday did not begin well. Overwhelmed with what to do first and how I might go about making my budget stretch to incorporate so many things on my list, I found myself feeling a little flat. Fortunately, we had a photoshoot organised for the late afternoon and as soon as lunch was over I was completely absorded in dresses, locations, props and camera equipment. There is nothing like launching yourself into inspired activity to lift to the spirits.

Now I'm ready to roll ;->

Some of the photo's we took from yesterday's shoot...Lots of fun and the dresses turned out spectacularly!


The Seeker said...

Wow beautiful pictures and great dresses indeed.


fashion herald said...

that long green dress!!!
and don't feel bad about relaxing and enjoying january, that keeps you going through the busy months.

Shirley said...

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