Monday, February 16, 2009

New Fashion Length

It is a widely held belief that in times of financial crisis there are certain things in the world of fashion that also come crashing down. Despite the trend in recent years to show off as much skin as possible there now appearing to be an overwhelming trend towards longer hemlines. It seems the world economic downturn has inspired a more conservative approach to dressing and being overtly sexy and revealing is a little passé these days.

Personally, Ive always loved a demure hemline and I'm thrilled to see the 1920's and 1940's style calf length skirts returning to the run ways. A well cut calf length pencil skirt or Galaxy style dress worn with the right pair of heels is far more captivating and dramatic than a mini skirt any day of the week (unless of course, you have Miranda Kerr's body measurements).

Our current attitude of fashion austerity is definitely not new. The Skirt Length theory has been around for years in fact. The hypothesis generally speaking is that skirts get much shorter in times when general consumer confidence is high, and when things start to look a tad depressing and gloomy like they do now, hemlines fall and skirts are worn longer.

To be perfectly honest, I don't really have a whole lot of faith in this notion as trends move so fast these days that calf length is already so "5 minutes ago" according to the latest NY runway reports... but I am definitely happy to see a lean toward a more decorous and womanly aesthetic this season anyway - My knobbly knee's and I rejoice in the knowledge that they're not getting any shorter!

Victoria Beckham's debut collection was all about the calf length skirt


tor (fabfrocks) said...

As much as I hate my knees I think I hate my calves more; nothing worse than a fat calf poking out of a pencil skirt. When will knee length become fashionable!?

AusAnna said...

this is a really good article. I understand what you mean, and i do love the half calf length, because i def do not look like Miranda. ahha. :)
I love your blog lady. Ive added you to my link list. :)x

Solo said...

I like your post friend,Keep on writing.
This is a nice article,Hope to see you on my blog too..=)

fashion herald said...

me and my knobby knees are with you. photoshop should really have a "knee corrector" button.

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