Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Books to Covet

I've mentioned before that I'm a book fiend. I love a great novel, the odd self help book (yes, I read The Secret...and I have the CD), any kind of cook book and most autobiographies/biographies (unless they involve cricket or rappers). My most coveted collection of books however, are those that reside on (or around) the coffee table. I LOVE big picture books with lovely glossy hard covers! I particularly adore them if they reference certain era's and contain brilliant information and/or insights.

Large coffee table books on fashion make me positively swoon! I spent part of yesterday afternoon in Pentimento on King Street in Newtown lusting over their amazing collection.

Here are the top 5 on my wish list (Are you reading this my lovely Fiancé?)
1. The Party Dress by Alexandra Black follows the history and evolution of this most fun dress in all its guises - from redcarpet glamour to the humble tea party. This hardcover book is to die for. And, I've found it on sale over at Amazon for the bargain price of $37.80US (it was $140 at Pentimento)

2. In Vogue - The Illustrated History of the World's Most Famous Fashion Magazine - The bible on fashion - a hard cover extravaganza! Stunning photography and beautiful clothes. What else is there?

and while your at it...

3. People in Vogue by Robin Derrick (with the waifish Kate Moss on the cover)
An amazing photographic history of 20th century icons with an interesting story behind almost every shot. There are around 350 b&w and color photographs, some previously published and many that never made it into the magazine's pages. A century's worth of artists, actors, politicians, models, royalty and singers

4. Let Me In by Mario Testino - Photographer to the stars. Don't be put off by Ashton & demi on the cover. This book is Gold! Testino is a genuis and many of the shots are incredibly private and totally captivating

5 Paris, 1962: Yves Saint Laurent and Dior, The Early Collections.

Vintage Couture! the true masters of French haute couture in stunning photographs with famous fashion icons and a history of the glamour and opulence of the Paris runway shows.

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