Friday, February 29, 2008

Fashions Vintage Renaissance

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Well, it's not really a renaissance as such, because vintage has been high on the fashion radar for years really. I should probably use the heading "Our Enduring Homage to Vintage Fashion" or something similar...

The point is, high fashion's love affair with vintage is clearly not not over yet. Every season we see new takes on twentieth century tailoring. This season is no exception.

The spring shows in NY and London have seen designers remix everything from 1920's post war flapper contours to 40's chic tailoring and the feminine silhouettes of the 1950's. And let's not forget the bold patterns and simple styles of the 60's that have kept popping up as well as the decorative bohemian luxe of the 70's. In fact, the last couple of seasons have even given the brassy 1980's a make over.

No longer hankering after one particular decade, the new take on fashion is an ode to history - be it beautiful tailoring and feminine, figure flattering silhouettes or trash bag 80's fluro - it's all remixed with new millennium street style and a devil-may-care attitude.



Lorajean said...

I came across you blog today and fell in love! I'm subscribing right away! I too am obsessed with Vintage and old fashioned fashions melding with the new "in" fashions. Creating a fresh new grounded style that pays homage so to speak to our history and heritage, yet has a flair and personality of its very own. :)

Jen (MahaloFashion) said...

I love the mix of all the decates it makes for really stylish and unique outfits! lovely post!

discothequechic said...

oh how I love that prada dress, esp worn by suri.

I'm glad that vintage is so on the radar right now; its just so good for the environment!

love the "grannys curtains" quailty of this dress.