Wednesday, February 27, 2008

What's with the weather?

If you live in Sydney right now you will understand what I'm talking about. Last night I met some girlfriends in the city for dinner. I had a meeting to go to first so I frocked up in a little sun dress becasue it was 29 degrees and gorgeous outside when I headed off at 4pm.

By the time we ordered our dinner and found a table in the beer garden at the Slipp Inn (around 7pm) it was looking a little 7.15 we had quickly re-assessed the outside seating arrangements and were huddled in the down stairs bar watching the mayhem outside as the craziest lightning storm and torrential rain reeked havoc over the city.

It was still raining at 10ish when we left...and it was freezing! Summer, it seems is all but over. According to the weather guy on the ABC, we are in for a short Autumn and a looooong winter - great!

Still, I'm all for wearing my summer dresses throughout winter. Teamed with tight's, cardi's, a woolen beret, long scarf and a woolen coat - that's winter sorted for me!

Breakfast at Sweethearts Cardi from Bowerbird Vintage
The Dancing Mistress Dress from
Bowerbird Vintage
Miss Alice Heels form PeepToe Shoes
Womens Blended Rib Tights from Witchery
Grey Lurex Beanie from Witchery



Chic Closet said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog my dear! I totally understand the hotness in Sydney right now, NZ's pretty much the same but cooler ;)

Have added you to me faves XX

guileless said...

ohh! what a lovely blog you have (and it's not only because we share the same template!). your bowerbird shop sounds completely precious...i must really check you out if i'm ever in sydney! vintage rocks :)