Thursday, March 13, 2008

New vintage shoes...

It appears that ladies wingtips and brogue style shoes have resurfaced as essential footwear this season. Knowing how incredibly fickle and fast moving fashion is, it's silly to say "I never thought I'd say this..." But in this case, it is indeed true. I really didn't think I'd fall in love with a pair of flat, 2 tone (bl & white) lace up shoes that look a lotlike those I wore last time I went ten pin bowling - but there you have it!

They are very retro looking though and appeal to me because now that I don't own the shop anymore and work from home, flat shoe make much more sense.
Also, I think that they are the perfect partner for the 1950's style dresses that I wear on a day to day basis these days. Arrrhhh, who ever though I'd be dressing for comfort?!

Actually, I clearly remember my Gandpa having a pair of white wing tips that he would wear with a nice pair of knee high grey wool socks and brown tartan short - if he were alive today he would apparently be king of fashion.

After several hours of web based research (I was trying to find a pair that I could buy on line as I've been banned from physically entering shoe stores of any kind by he who thinks owning more than 10 pairs of shoes is both wasteful and unnecessary) I have found a few worthy contenders:

Campers brogues "Twins" (see outfit selection below) are what the fashion set are buying. They are available in a lovely grey colour. $270.00 but there is not e-store at present in Australia so you will need to head into the QVB or Chatswood to purchase
Diana Ferrari "Ramona" Brogues (see top photo) in black or tan are pretty funky too - and half the price of Campers (although I don't think they have the lovely leather sole)
Ebay - plenty of vintage brogues to choose from as long as you are happy to fight to the death with other ebayers and you have a size 6 or smaller foot.

My absolute favourite though...which sadly, are not available on line, are from Scooter shoes for the bargain price of $130.00. I couldn't find even find a photo of them on the net but Marie Claire came to the rescue! Black & white patent leather lace ups. Not very subtle admittedly, but I've always loved LOUD shoes and they will look fab with a pair of tights and all my lovely full skirted dresses this Autumn.

Now, I just have to work out how to justify my 860th pair of shoes to someone...

...complete with new Camper "Twins" $270

1960's "Sweet Lizette" frock by Bowerbird Vintage

Lilac Fedora by Bowerbird Vintage

Blue plastic beaded 1960's handbag Bowerbird Vintage



ChiliLady said...

Very lovely items, I wish I had these shoes!

Anonymous said...

I love wearing ditzy tea dresses with clashing tights and my gorgeous tan heel brogues.