Friday, March 21, 2008

Winter fashion trends to look forward to

Man style dressing at Marc jacobs

There are a couple of stand out trends coming through for winter that I'm pretty excited about. I mentioned in an early blog that brogues and wing tip man style shoes are popping up everywear but it's not just mens shoes we are embracing. Geek Chic and Preppy are making a big comeback.

Now, I admit that I love a girly dress teamed with a pair of heels and I rarely wear jeans anymore, but I'm quite fond of the man-style pants, white shirt, vest and trench coat combo I've been seeing in fash mags lately.

It's a tricky one to pull off though, particularly if you are layering and/or road testing the high waisted trend. Baggy harry high top pants and lots of layers look best on a slim silhouette otherwise it can add a few extra pounds unfortunately. Slim line pants, crisp white shirts and tailored vests on the other hand are very flattering on mst shapes. It's just a matter of investing in a great pair of black pants.

I'm also loving the naughty librarian look too. The geeky pussy bow blouses teamed with high waisted pencil skirt and stillettos. Knitted vests and cardi's are everywear as well which I'm v.happy about as they look great belted with a full skirt or pencil skirt.

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Live Fabulously said...

i love mens wear on women, too. something very sexy about it. :)