Monday, March 17, 2008

so many dresses to finish!

I have been busily trying to get some frocks completed and up on the Bowerbird Vintage web site before I head off on three weeks break/honeymoon (Yes, the store will still be open for business while I'm away!)

Luckily, the lovely Larna (who helps out with the Rescued by Bowerbird label) is also patiently sewing a few gorgeous 50's style frocks together which will be added at the end of the week.

Hopefully I will be able to get mine finished as well so that there are a few gorgeous new pieces to choose from. The other sun frocks we did have sold really well and to be honest these dresses are just so comfortable and classic I think I'm going to keep this style (or similar) in the range permanently - Who doesn't love a handmade, 1950's style frock in vintage inspired fabrics afterall?

I live in them!

Not the best photo as it is taken on my dining room table - but it kind of hides how much more work I have to do on this dress!!!

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Chic Closet said...

Oh wow, you have a shop! How did I not know :) Beautiful garments! I might even make a purchase.... ;) xo