Sunday, March 16, 2008

Sydney Vintage Fairs

If you are wondering what to do with yourself today and you live in Sydney, there is a vintage fair on at Hunters Hill until about 4pm today. Actually, I only found this out yesterday while reading the Sydney Morning Herald Spectrum lift out.

Usually, I am all over these things. I know exactly when each market, fair, antique show and fashion exhibition is on. They are diarized and if I have time or they are really interesting/important to my business I make a point of being there. Particularly the bigger fairs such as The Way We Were and Sydney Vintage Fairs.

Unfortunately, I can't make the Hunters Hill fair today as I have a lunch organised then photography backdrop scouting in the Botanical Gardens and then onto dinner with friends. The photography backdrop scouting expedition is not for the web site mind you but for a fairly momentous occasion happening in 2 weeks time - my wedding.

In fact, this is the reason I have been a little tuned out of my vintage world lately which I am usually totally immersed in. There has also been a slight stall in the production of my "Rescued by Bowerbird" label...not to mention the hundreds of new dresses I need to start uploading on the Bowerbird Vintage website and of courses there are the less than regular Blog posts!

Although our wedding is a simple cocktail party to be held in the Botanical Gardens in a fortnight with only our closest friends and family, it is in fact, taking over my life! How on earth do those brides who have the whole church, reception, 200 guests kind of wedding do it??? I certainly have a new appreciation for the kind of precise planning that goes into this day now! (not to mention the honeymoon)

Anyway, if you have more time than I (I envy you) and want to spend a day out looking at/buying beautiful frocks and all things vintage, head over to the Hunters Hill "Way We Were Fair" at the Hunters Hill Town Hall Masonic Lodge until 4pm today.

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