Thursday, May 1, 2008

Fashion Week Faves

Alex Perry
Lisa Ho
Michelle Jank
Nicola Finetti
Looking at the shows so far there are a number of stand out dresses from a few designers. There also seems to be quite a bit of beige and pale grey on the catwalk. I guess that's par for the course though - these colours are peppered through collections in every show, every season I think - perhaps so designers don't look like they have gone too crazy? Does grey and tan sell better I wonder?

Some of the evening dresses are very colourful though which is wonderful. I'm glad our obsession with glamour and feminine dressing is continuing into next season. The Maxi dress is also staying put, as are high waisted pants and tailored jackets. Nautical is still popular and so are sheer fabrics and frilly dresses worn over tights or pants.

My picks so far are Alex Perry (who is a genius) for his to-die-for evening frocks.

Michelle Jank's Indian inspired collection looks impressive - as does the bespoke jewellery accompanying it.

Lisa Ho's evening wear is bright and beautiful and Nicola Finetti is doing his usual amazing frocks. Finally, I'm not usually a big fan of Wayne Coopers (too modern for my tastes) but he has a couple of gorgeous, very full (draped?) frocks that look very dramatic.

All photos are courtesy of Sydney Morning Herald's on line photo gallery. Check out the shows at SMH on line


atelier said...

First dress of Alex looks like some Calvin Klein... I like it!

Kira Fashion said...


so amazing looks and photos!
i love it all!
so, i am adding you to my blorgroll, add me if you can :)

a kiss and a hug,
thanks a lot for passing,
let´s keep in touch,
see you,

On Track said...

Funnily enough I really loved Alex Perry's collection, usually im not really into his designs, but this time I was dreaming about wearing them ;)

fashion herald said...

Those Alex Perry dresses are breathtaking - an impressive group of pictures, good variety and range.