Saturday, May 31, 2008

Handmade Children's Clothing & Toy's

I'm a big fan of crafty people and although I'm not a mother, I do love kiddies stuff, particularly if vintage inspired or made of vintage fabrics. I'm also a fan of knitted gear and recently, while wandering around one of my favourite art & design online mag's, Indie I came across these little beauties: How cute are they?
Whoever would have thought knitted vegetables could look so tasty?

They come from a children's cooking school called LITTLE KITCHEN, run by a Mebournian by the name of Sabrina, who teaches little kids to cook using organic produce -what a fantastic idea - makes me want to have kids (not really!).

Not only does she teach cooking classes to youngsters she has also designed the cutest range of cooking utensils and toys as well...
Indie states; Sabrina Parrini has developed visually appealing and fully functional kitchenware pieces all made for little hands. She plans to revolutionise the way people look at improving children's health and well being. She regularly features in cooking demonstrations at major food festivals and holds children's cooking classes in the heart of Melbourne.

Brilliant - now we just need her to open one up in Sydney! you can buy her delightful wares on her website or by calling 1300 722 095


The Seeker said...

Such cute stuff :)
I'm going to check the site.
Thanks for sharing.


Fashion Tidbits said...

ooo i used to be such a craft mania when i was a little kid!

thanks for linking me :) i've linked you right back

Cate said...

wow, really sweet things!!!