Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Fresh ideas for Bowerbird

I think I have already mentioned that after a few months of trading Bowerbird Vintage (dotcom) is now in the process of undergoing a little face lift. We are working on a new interface to make the store easier to navigate with less scrolling and more drop down menu's and a fab new SALE page.
Although I love the look of the site as it is (after all, it is my baby!), after a while it became blindingly obvious that there are a few functional things that could be done a whole lot better. It's funny how your perspective shifts as you familiarise yourself with a project.

Even though my wonderful friend Kath, whose company built the site, suggested that changes would be needed after a few months I remember thinking "nah - It's perfect". It's not until you really get to know the site and understand where your customers are going and what they are buying that you can see there is indeed room for improvement in terms of functionality, navigation and style.

It's just like owning a retail shop actually. I used to love doing my weekly window displays at Bowerbird in Glebe. Each weekend I'd spend hours transforming my shop window. I loved working on new displays and stories that showcased my new stock. Not only did my regular customer enjoy seeing the new display but it also brought plenty of new people, intrigued by the razzle dazzle displays, into the store to.

One of the frequently changed window displays at Bowerbird - This one was channeling Audrey in Breakfast at Tiffany's

So, the website, I'm beginning to discover, is similar in many ways to owning a shop. You constantly have to keep it looking fresh, your stock needs to be easy to access, your prices need to be competitive and your store needs to be immaculate, funky and and fun to visit!

Stay tuned for the fresh face of Bowerbird Vintage!

This will be the new look home page with drop down menu's and easy peasy navigation - no more scrolling!!!


fashion herald said...

congratulations, it looks great, and that scrolling thing, well, unfortunately for commerce it's no good!

The Seeker said...

Seems it would look great.
I'll look forwoard.