Monday, May 5, 2008

New Winter Stock

Bowerbirdvintage is undergoing a few changes at present. We have been open since late Jan and things are going really well I'm happy to report! Thank you dear customers!

Having recently become the supremely switched on web guru (ha) that maintaining a online store requires I have learnt a few things about traffic and how navigation and functionality affects the number of people buying from your shop. There is a bevy of fantastic reports that tell you all kinds of important info from how many people visit your site each day to how long they stay and what pages they clicked through to (obviously they are anonymous). When just starting out (and beyond I'm sure) this kind of info is sooo helpful.

By analysing the stats for bowerbird vintage I've been able to see where potential customers might be getting off and where they might be having trouble navigating etc...and from there I have been able to do a bit of work on the functionality to make it easier for people to get around (As well as adding in a SALE page and some PROMO buttons...among other things!)

Anyhow the point of this is just to let you know I haven't been neglecting the blog - I've been busy all weekend doing some home improvements! They probably won't be ready until next week though. I'm also in the process of adding a heap of new stock (Click Whats New page for update) like the gorgeous 60's knitted suit above - I almost want to keep it it's so beautiful - and in perfect condition!

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