Monday, January 7, 2008

Dress Code

Hi my name is Joanna and I'm an over-dresser. My last overdressing experience was...well, today actually!
Yes, it's true, anyone who knows me will indeed attest this little fact. I wear taffeta to bbq's, sequins during the day, rarely wear jeans at all anymore and never leave the house without having put some thought into what I'm wearing.

I love to dress up, and I always admire other women who make an effort. I'm forever on the look out for a gal who's really put something together well. I'm not talking about spending fortunes on clothes....hell, some of my best purchases have been off Ebay for under $30. I'm talking about style, luxe and sass.

The secret to a killer look is to stay away from overkill. The best looks, even when overdressed, are subtle. I believe it's perfectly acceptable to overdress for an occasion but it's a cardinal sin to wear too much all at once.

I'm very comfortable wearing a fifties silk dancing dress to a BBQ lunch. But I'd wear it with a little t-bar sandal. Yes, in silver...but understated. No jewelery, or very little. Then I'd just pull hair off face and wear natural makeup. The key is to make 1 statement. Not 20. The dress would shine in the above scenario and you'd look a million bucks (as long as it's a fab frock of course!)

Or if your going for the classic LBD, wear a pair of amazing red and then sling a contrasting coloured bag over your shoulder or wear some bold jewelery. I've been known (often) to wear a red stilleto with a fushia cardi and a animal print belt. The vibrant colours and print on black are a great way to add quirk to an outfit. Just leave out the big earrings and bouffant hair!

I definitely think it's fine to put in the effort to. So what if your in a dress and killer heels and your friends are in jeans. The worst that can happen is you will look better than everyone else right? I'm sad that no-one really gets dressed up that much anymore. In Europe, plenty of women still do it. And New York. Not so much here in Sydney though...

I like to push the envelope with clothes but not so much that I'm making a spectacle of myself. I keep away from anything too short (as should all women of a certain age!) I make sure it fit's together well - even if it doesn't match (all the better) - and I never, ever wear something that hasn't been ironed properly, has holes in it or is missing buttons or other vital component's. This includes shoes and accessories too. If you have worn your fave shoes to death and their looking a bit shabby have them re-heeled. If that isn't going to make them look better - toss them. Same with handbags and jewelry. If it looks grubby then so do you! There is a difference between vintage and worn out!

So, now that I've had my Nanna rant - Frock up girls...Go forth and dazzle!

Ok soooo...Dita's got it. Marilyn needs to work on his makeup. It's either lip's or eye's honey

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