Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Paris Mix n Match

Despite explosions of colour from every designer from Chanel to Marchesa (God, how amazing is the detail in this red frock from her ready to wear), I'm thrilled to see the love affair with white, beige, off-white, cream, ivory (Excuse my Rich Benaud/12th man impersonation...tis the season!) still going strong.

And lets not forget metallic's...

Although, not a huge fan of Heigl's, this dress is just stunning (o.k, shes very pretty - I just didn't like 27 Dresses)

In fact I've found similar fabric - not quite as embellished though - at Pitt Trading on Rocky Piont Road, Sans Souci (a vintage accessories wonderland) and am going to attempt to plagiarise so I too might look like a princess....

In other Paris news, one shoulder is also here to stay for anther season and so is the 1950's frou frou party frock - rejoice!!

Yet another
favourite - Marchesa again...genius
All photo's courtesy of except for Heigl (TMZ)

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