Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Someone's been busy!

I know I've been pretty quiet about the website recently. Mainly because I've been so busy trying to get it up and running...the amount of times I've had to reload images is really quite scary...

But, the other reason is because I really couldn't see that elusive light that's supposed to be at the end of every tunnel. There are just so many things that need attention and when you think you have something nailed...something else comes up - and then you need to figure out how to make that work! It's called chasing one's tail I believe!

Anyway, after many months of blood, sweat and tears and lots of hours in front of this trusty laptop, it looks like we might actually go live with Bowerbird Vintage in about a week's time...Firstly though, I'm off up to QLD for a bit of a break (before being chained to my desk again for many moons I suspect) to catch up with lovely Fiancé (formerly known as my lovely beau...)

Come Monday, the countdown begins!

I'm taking up a few of our little handmade tee's to work on while sitting by the pool. Sewing and designing some of the Rescued range certainly has been welcome relief from the pressures of building websites!

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