Sunday, January 13, 2008

Sustainable Fashion so fashionable

Eco-fashion over the last couple of years has started to find a place and a voice within the (once) fickle world of fashion. I've noticed a growing number of fashion designers have their focus toward limiting the impact clothing has on the environment. I know I've talked about fashion ethics before in my blog, but I'm really thrilled to see progress in this area.

I've just been reading about a sustainable design forums in the States that teach young fashion student about everything from the waste and pollution of manufacturing and packaging to how long the item will be kept, how many uses it has and how often it needs to be washed.

Many designers are now incorporating vintage fabrics and clothing into their ranges to make statements about recycling and being kind to the environment. Luckily, vintage is still high on the "cool" radar and I suspect part of this is due to ethical practices by high profile people hoping to send out a message that "recycled " is good for our strained environment.

I'm really excited to see books like "Green is the New Black" from London It Girl Tamsin Blanchard and "Sustainable Fashions and Textiles: Design Journeys," by designer Kate Fletcher.

Making ethics and the environment "cool" really is one of the best ways to educate our youth. It's the ticket into the hearts and mind of the younger generation...and that's a great thing!

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