Saturday, July 28, 2007

Behold - The High Waist

I bought my first pair of high waisted jeans yesterday. Now, I'm not really a jean kind of girl...Don't get me wrong - I'd like to be, but mostly they just make me feel uncomfortable - I have never found the perfect cut. Not in the outrageously expensive designer labels nor the cheap and cheerful brands like target and Jeanswest. The closest I have come is a pair of skinny jeans I found in the markets in Shanghai which I paid about $5 au for an wear whenever I am feeling flat stomached and small bummed.

The other reason I'm not a jeans girl is because I really, really love a dress. I wear dresses almost everyday of my life and enjoy the process of building an entire look around a dress. Different styles/colours of cardi's, stockings, jewellery, shoes and other accessories can all give a completely new aesthetic to a single dress. However, I still covet a great pair of jeans especially if they have been inspired by Charlies Angels circa 1975.

I wasn't really intending on buying highwaisted jeans yesterday but after wandering around the new level of Broadway shopping centre (of which my opinion is :lacklustre) I found myself in Dotti - which is weird as I'm not 14 (and I think the last time I shopped there I was about 14). I justified my visit by telling myself that I was there for research - It's important to see what the younger generation are into and what looks the highstreet have ripped straight off this seasons catwalks.

Wandering around though, I stumbled upon a v.cute pair of vintage denim high waisters that looked suspiciously similar to those donned by one Kate Moss at a Top Shop launch early this year (see photo) . Of course they looked nothing like that when I tried them on...and due to Dotti's riduculously small sizing I had the go up a size. But hey, they were on sale for 39.95 so I even if they don't work I haven't really waisted that much money!

They will get a run tomorrow with a cute vintage cropped pink cashmere jumper and a silk scarf around the waist. A pair of brown leather platform's and my bright blue Ororton slouch bag should top the look off nicely.

Kate Moss eat your heart out!

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