Thursday, July 12, 2007

Think I'm gonna colour my hair (again)

When I first opened bowerbird in Glebe I had long blond hair that I would either straighten each day or curl with hot rollers depending on what kind of mood I woke up in (ie: bad arse rock chick or little bo peep)...Anyway, one day I decided long blond hair was really annoying and took tooo long to do in the morning...and using the hot iron was giving me RSI. So I went to my hairdressers - which is conveniently located next door to my shop - and got the lot chopped off. Actually it wasn't anywhere near as short as it is in the photo above - that's been a progressive thing. Each time I go I say "just take a little bit more off this time".

Then, one quiet afternoon in the shop, I was looking through a magazine and saw a picture of Many Moore (when she had her cute short haircut) and decided I wanted to look like I put a "back in 5 minutes" sign on the door and got the guys next door to dye my locks brown. Of course it took a lot longer than 5 minutes and obviously I didn't end up looking anything like Mandy Moore (I think I've got a good 15 years on her) but I was pretty happy with the result...for about 2 weeks. For the last couple of months I've really been wanting to change the colour to dark auburn (or is that orange) a la' supermodel Karen Elson - Of course I know I won't look like karen Elson (I'm not that tall - ha!) but I can't get it out of my I think I'm just gonna do it. I've booked an appointmet for 6.30 tonight - I'll probably end up looking more like Julia Gillard than Karen Elson!

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