Sunday, July 15, 2007

How to look this hot at any age??

I picked up a copy of the latest New Woman magazine yesterday. Now I am a fashion mag-aholic and generally buy atleast 2 per week. New Woman is not one of my all time fav's I have to admit. My interests lay firmly in what trends are being fleshed out on the runways of Paris, Milan and NY than stories about cheaters and who my boyfriend might also be sleeping with. So once I have totally exhausted all the various Vogue editions internationally and read Instyle and Harpers Bazaar from cover to cover, digested Nylon, Frankie and Ruush... I then start on the New Woman's and the odd Cosmo (even though that one generally makes me feel kinda old).
Anyway, The reason I brought up the New Woman purchase is because Liz Hurley is on the cover this month. New Woman have dedicated the issue to anti ageing and have used Liz as their pin up girl which is understandable as she a gorgeous looking woman. However, I almost didn't recognise her. In fact, I had to the read the cover to work out who it was. This brings me to the most incredible part - it actually reads: "Exclusive - Elizabeth Hurley - How to look this hot at any age (yes, she 42)". Now really - I think the only way a woman (even one who's 22) can look that hot is by being seriously P H O T O S H O P P E D.
I don't know about you but I am getting slightly alarmed by the amount of airbrushing going on these days. Admittedly, I usually ignore it and focus on what said celeb is wearing rather than their flawless complexion but once they start to become unrecognisable while spriuking the secret to eternal youth...I scoff. Sorry Liz

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