Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Well decisions have been made now!!

Ive been a busy little bowerbird...

There has been a fair bit of discussion around the dinner table since my last post - thats for sure!

The lease on my shop expires next month and I've decided not to renew. The idea of setting up my business on-line (only) is appealing on a number of levels...The most obvious being the fortune I will save on rent and outgoings. But there are other reason as well...

As amazing as its been creating something tangible from a bunch of ideas randomly floating around in my head (you can see the shop at it's current webiste www.bowerbirdglebe.com.au) there are serious limitations to having a business that is solely your responsibility...where you are the company director, the shop assistant, the buyer, the cleaner, the accountant etc etc etc. Namely time constraints!

As a start up biz, my fledgling little bowerbird has relied on my enthusiasm, determination and my optimism to keep it flying high. And although I have enjoyed the experience wholeheartedly, I'm looking forward to having a little bit more flexibility with my time to focus on some of the other things I love to do - like designing and reworking vintage peices for my new label "rescued" by bowerbird.

Sooo...after much deliberation, bowerbird glebe will close it's doors in August and re-invent itself as www.bowerbirdvintage.com. To be honest, although I'm a little sad, I'm also exhilarated and chomping at the bit to get started on the next stage of my biz. I'm looking at the last 12 months as a really good learning experience and am looking forward to using some of that knowledge to go forward and create something bigger and better!

My dear friend Kath, who has been a guiding light towards this next stage, and posesses infinite wisdom of the cyber kind has supplied me with an armload of data that concludes that internet shopping is serious biz in Australia...and although we are probably around 5 years behind the americans in terms of our web savvy, each year internet sales steadily increase.

It's exciting to think that potentially my web site could attract thousands of people a day - (hey! ebay started out small remember?) - especially when some slow days in the shop I might see a dozen people if I'm lucky.

So, I'm focusing on how to make this happen now...as well as putting on a big "end of lease sale", creating new garmets for my label, moving house, building web sites, starting blogs...lucky I learned how to be the ultimate multi-tasker these last 12 months hey?!

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