Wednesday, July 11, 2007

So much to do!

In between all the things I have to organise with the closure of the shop and the birth of my on-line store I have been busily creating my new label "rescued" by bowerbird. Rescued was inspired by the realisation that alot of the vintage dresses skirts and tops I source I tend to rework in some way - something that I've been doing since I was a why not focus on doing an entire range of re-worked/deconstructed pieces?

Sometimes it might just be a hem coming up a few inches to give a 'nanny-ish' dress a bit of an edge as a mini or if I think the material has potential but the dress is a bit daggy I'll buy it and turn it into something completely new. I also love love love beading and embellishing things so I often spend hours sewing beads and sequins onto a plain dress to give it a colourful, rich and textured look. It's amazing what a few hours of beading can do for a frock!

I will take some photos and download them over the next couple of days of some of my designs.

...And I had an idea about the creative process when the online store is open for biz too. I am thinking that I will create a "design a dress" forum where I will post 'before' photo's of vintage finds and talk about what I think the dress need - open it up for discussion/opinions and then post photo's of the dress each day as it come to life. Then once it's been reinvented into a fabulous frock it will be available to buy!

Be great to get your feedback on this idea - anyone know if anyone else is doing it on their shopping site??


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