Saturday, September 22, 2007


The Sartorialist continues to seek out and snap perfect beauties (see left). I love love love what he does. What a perfect Blog...not too much talk and plenty of fashion. His photo's speak for him.

I'm also checking out our name sake Bowerbird Blues . I stumbled accross this live journal by Sydney artist and illistrator Helen Nehill by accident when googling the word bowerbird (hey - who here hasn't googled themsevles before right? ha). Her drawings are utterly fantastic and her live journal is I recommend visiting.

Ms Style Bytes introduces me (by way of Style Bubble)to the Etsy site - an online market for all things handmade - pretty cool too particularly the amazing jewellry! Speaking of Miss Suzy Bubble - I'm admiring her styln backstage boards for London Fashion Week - she's broke and exhausted at present but still pulling out the fun fashion facts that make her so addicitive. She reminds me that I gotta find my polaroid camera...

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