Friday, September 7, 2007

Today's List - Celebrity Designers (best & worst)

Although I admire a number of celebrities for their great style and taste...I do wonder whether the birth of the celebrity designer over the last few years really is just a big PR stunt orchestrated by management teams, designed to generate lots more cash and publicity for their already over-exposed/paid clients. (jealous? me? never!)
I wonder who really is designing their ranges. After all, these people have trained monkeys doing just about everything for them from wet nursing their children to holding their umbrella's and chewing their food (I may have made that one up).
I mean where did Kate find the time - in between getting trashed with Pete every other night and traipsing around the globe endorsing the dozen or more fashion houses and cosmetic companies she lends her face to - to pump out a range for Topshop?
Anyway, rather than rattle on about things I know little about, I've compiled a short list of those I find inspiring and those I find slightly dubious:
I'm inspired by:

1) Milla Jovovich - Carmen Hawk for Jovovich Hawk. Models turned designers have a little more street cred than the average actor I think. Milla is flawless and the range of dresses (particularly this latest season - Fall 2007) are amazing. They have a real 1940's feel...V Sexy!
2) Elle MacPherson Intimates - Beautiful lingerie and superb marketing. Not entirely sure how much designing she does but she's inspiring for her business acumen
3) Stella McCartney - A designer with celebrity blood lines. Her designs are consistently beautiful - except that whole range for Target she did - I was pretty disappointed with that.
4) Jodhi Mears Tigerlilly - Putting the Packers money to very good use. She has come along way since launching a little swim wear range a few years back. Although I'm not a huge fan of swim culture/beach wear her summer frocks are a hit
5) Gail Elliot and Little Joe: Beautiful ex model using famous friends to promote gorgeous, feminine line of silk and lace slip style dresses and camisoles...flawless

And the other ones...
1) J.Lo for Jen Lopez: Admittedly her designs are probably becoming slightly more polished but...
2) Gwen Stefani and L.a.m.b: She cute and quirky and I admire her individulaity but the whole Harajuka thing got a bit weird
3) Puff Daddy aka Sean John: Not everybody can pull off a white linen suit Puffy
4) Nicky Hilton Handbags, and Paris I hear is also is bringing out a line of shoes - enough already!
5) Victoria Beckham for VDB (or something). I still have a girl crush on you from the Spice Girls days Victoria so I forgive you but you really ought to stick to sitting in the front row at fashion shows...
6) 50 Cent, Eminem, Eve, Jessica are all entertainers (in some cases this is also questionable) please stop pretending you know clothes.

footnote: the second list was much easier to compile

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