Thursday, September 6, 2007

Todays List - Ten of the Best Magazines

As mentioned in previous blogs, I have a magazine addiction that rivals Lindsey Lohan's cocaine habit. I go on massive binges that put me on a high for hours. In fact, I've been known to buy as many as 5 at a time and then lock myself in the bathroom and consume the lot! The only difference is that I'm usually taking a bath at the time and the only harmful side effects are generally a blurred/confused image of how much money I really have (thus initiating massive spending spree).
Seriously though, my favourite fashion magazines are actually those that inspire creativity rather than spending:

1)Frankie: I love this little piece of creative genius. So unpreteniuos! It's cute, the writers are very witty, it dedicates itself to up and coming artists, designers and other creative types and the fashion spreads are usually pretty cool.
2)Russh: Not your average fash mag. Again a bit left field. The fashion is also very comprehensive and it champions up and coming Aussie designers as well as keeping abreast of whats hot in Europe and the US
3)Vogue Australia: Consistently beautiful. I usually trawl it for their style bites rather than the fashion spreads though and it's always nice to know what happening around the world (according to the gods of fashion)
4)Vogue US: I don't always fork out 20 bucks for a slice of American fashion culture. But I am kind of in awe of Ms Wintour and her empire...and it's always a treat
5)Bazaar: More of the same for those of us who can't get enough
6)Nylon: I enjoy this US monthly . They often have up and coming designers and fashions that is slightly out there. And like Russh it is choc full of new found talent and creative genius
7)Oyster: Gorgeous, fat feature mag showcasing Oz and NZ design
8)Cream: More of the same. A little hit and miss occasionally (they all have their off months though)
9)Instyle: Again, sometime I wish I hadn't wasted the $7.80...but more often than not it's pretty good and sometimes it's fabulous! All those shiny celebrities in fabulous frocks!
10)Dumbo Feather, Pass It On...: not technically a fashion mag but deserves a mention just because it's so beautifully layed out. It's full of wonderful stories about fascinating people and is worth every cent of it's hefty price tag.

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olivegrey said...

Hey! Thanks for the add. I would have to say that I love Frankie and Russh and Aus vogue heaps. I also adore I-D, French Vogue, Shop til you Drop (guilty pleasure) and Fashion Quarterly (NZ). I have added you too ;) Nice to hear from fellow Aussie.