Tuesday, September 4, 2007

To Do: Write A List !

Being a true blue Virgo, I'm a List kind of girl. Not too many days go by that I haven't written myself a To Do list. And it doesn't just end with work related chores...I even have weekend lists that have things like 'ring your mum' and 'buy new snakeskin stilletto from Ninewest" (last weekends list).

Writing The List though is really only half of the ritual. I also love to tick things off my list once they have been achieved. Depending on how important or difficult they are, once completed they might even qualify for TWO ticks or if really serious, I might draw a red line through said chore.

Anything that doesn't get finished will appear on the following days list and so on. The satisfaction on the Tick or the Line keeps me compiling list after list and my diary is choc full of them.

Although it is sometimes a frustrating habbit - particularly when v.boring tasks keep appearing on the next days list for weeks at a time until I eventually take them off altogether - I really can't imagine now people get by without one.

It's not just To Do lists either! I love a Best Of list (and a Worst Of come to think of it) , a Things To Do Before You Die list...hell - I even love a shopping list!

So, I thought I'd combine my love of The List with my daily blog and hopefully give out some helpful hints along the way


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