Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Rescued By Bowerbird Dress

This 1980's frock started life as a long sleeved, shin length, collared frock - entirely too busy and quite unwearable as so many 80's dresses were! I got inspired one day to make it into something wearable because I really loved the polkadots and the way it cinched in at the waist and then pleated out into a kind of bubble dress.
So...the sleeves came off, the collar had to go also, and I hemmed it up to the knee. I also change the plain black buttons to multi-coloured ones to give it a quirky look - And Tah-dah! Glamourama!
I think it's a cutie anyway
Let me know what you think



kathleen said...

The dress looks fantastic and such a nice touch with the coloured buttons.

bowerbird said...

...the buttons make it cheerful!