Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Fashion Blogs Galore

I love a great blog. I can waste hours trawling my fave fashion blogs (and stumbling across new ones in the process). Blogs are a great source of information, inspiration and motivation. In fact, I generally start my working day by hitting some of my top blogs before working on a new post of my own. If there is something interesting or fabulous that's really caught my eye then I'll blog on it to (often using a different angle or expanding on their info) and then link my post back to their blog - giving readers a new path to travel with more ideas, info and insights. It's one of the great things about the blogging community...endless information on related topics by people with a real passion and interest in the subject matter - it makes for some very good reading!

Today trawls includes:

Sassybella - Helen Lee's exceptional fashion online mag/blog talks Vogue covers: Kate Moss & Natalie Vordinova.

Gala Darling - Gala's blog is fashion, beauty and life's daily musings - she's eloquent and exceptional...and only Gala could pull off purple eyebrows and still look gorgeous!

Silk Charm - I went to a Women in Business seminar last year to hear Laurel speak about Internet marketing - she is a whiz! Always lots of interesting and useful business advice.

EVintage Society Vintage or Bust Such a useful site for all you vintage frock fashionista's. currently discussing vintage kiddies clothes - cute

Chic Closet Fashion lover with great style...I always pop in to see what she's wearing!

FaceHunter more street fashion style from London. Always great photo's!

Picture courtesy of Face Hunter


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