Tuesday, April 8, 2008


After a few days of R&R in lovely Macau we are back on the main land in Hong Kong. The reason being, we have combined our honeymoon with business that my husband frequently has in HK. So while he is off teaching people how to be leaders, I'm shopping...it's the perfect arrangment (I'm sure he feels the same way...) - I get to stake out fashion and shop while he earns money for us!
Our real holiday together (the one where it won't be quite so easy for me to go nuts buying local fashion as I will be under constant surviellance) ,apart from the Macua excersion of course, starts in a couple of days when we head to Kyoto and then Tokyo. I've very excited about Japan as I've always been a fan of the crazy street styles and eclectic mix of colour and tends thrown together. For some reason, it doesn't seem to matter how ridiculous the outfit, those tiny doll-like Japanese girls always seem to look amazing.

A great website to check out exactly what I'm talking about is the Japanese street style web site Style Arena. It's "Quirk" central and inspirational for fashion left fielders with hundred's of shots from the Harajuka district, Shimbuya and Ginza to name a few.

Meanwhile, I have another three days here in HK so I think I'll head off to Whampoa now.

To a place called "Fashion World"...

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