Monday, April 28, 2008

Hair Apparent

About 18 months ago I had a bicycle accident that required surgery and has left a 5cm scar on my chin (Now very faint thanks to my brilliant doctor). Recently I needed to go for an independant review with another surgeon who asked me to provide closeup photos of my face before and after the accident.

This lead to a gigantic search through old photos and the inevitable trip down memory lane. But the most interesting things about fossicking through these photos was the unbelievable amount of hairstyles I have had over the past year. I have been everything from bardot style blond to Mai Farrow'esq pixie cut in rich dark brown. Recently I had a brief fling with Ronald McDonald red and am now sporting a glossy chocolate brown Louise Brooks style bob - although my husband said I looked a bit like Suri Cruise yesterday (how does he even know who Suri Cruise is?). The only thing I haven't experimented with is hair extensions, although if I am to believe husband and indeed do have the hair stye of a 2 year old I may just look into it.

Truth is though, I adore change. Well, changing my hair anyway...I love creating new looks and trying out different colours. I consider it part of my overall fashion addiction. Fashion changes and evolves constantly - why can't my hairstyles do the same - Plus, I get bored easily!

Reading an article in the latest issue of fashion magazine Russh (Hair Raising Stories pg, 90) today though, I am wondering whether my constant desire to change my do might actually be some way of dealing with a deep seated inner turmoil that I'm unaware of. Apparently, many woman dramatically change their hairstyles after massive life changing events occur in their lives - breakups/divorces, pregnancies, illnesses and the like.

Although I have definitely had the odd emotional hairdo makeover - in particular the breakup cut - I'm pretty sure my frequent hair affair has more to do with my creative streak/fashion fixation than any deep seated emotional issues.

Which reminds me....I must book in for my next appointment

From This....

To This...

then this
now this...


Ms Dragonfly said...

you have great features so the short hair looks great on you!

bowerbird said...

oh, ta! I always cut it off - then immediately start growing it long again - it's a vicious cycle I'm afraid!