Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Viva Japan!

I honestly (read: naively) thought that this holiday would see me being a (relaxed) tourist by day and then each evening, with pre-dinner cocktail in hand, I could blog about all the amazing things (fashion, food and people) that we have had the good fortune to stumble over each day in our travels (like the rambling, lost tourists that we are).

Well, that was just plain fantasy! Not the amazing finds of course, but the lounging around definitely. Being a tourist has in fact been a little exhausting - completely thrilling, but exhausting nonetheless - particularly here in Japan. Kyoto has seen us out of the hotel lobby by 10.30am and not back until early evening. And although I've definitely found time for the pre-dinner drink, I've been too exhausted to blog!

So, at the risk of looking like a tourism blog, I shall post some more holidays snaps...with the promise that come Thursday, upon my return to reality and indeed Sydney, I shall get back to my bedrock of (vintage) fashion.

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